David A. Gain

Senior Web Developer & Graphic Designer - Phoenix, AZ. - [email protected]

I am the the Senior Developer and Graphic Designer at VMS Data. I have been working at VMS since 2013 when the company was first started. At the time that I started with VMS Data I was the father to a newborn baby boy named Jaegar. I was excited to see what new opportunities VMS Data was going to be able to provide for me and my new family.

On my first day of work I was given a starting position in the outbound call center. I was tasked with contacting businesses that had their maps listing flagged by search engines. My job was to instruct the business owners how to verify their listing to get it viewable by the business owners clients. I learned alot about the way that search engines use and store data. I learned new ways to promote an entity online through location, relevancy and keywords. Everyday when I came to work I was excited to learn more and educate some amazing people from all around the world about the importance of their online identity.

After a year of working in the call center, Andrew Gilby (Owner) walked past my office and noticed me drawing on my notepad. He was taken back by my drawing and promoted me to Graphic Designer. While doing graphic design I took on roles in the Website Development department due to my prior knowledge in HTML & CSS.

I flourished in the development department and was considered the most dependable developer at our firm. Over the years we have had alot of different developers come and go. Vms Data has always been a family business and we take special care of each of our clients individually. We know our clients by name like they know us. Not many developers in 2021 are willing to go above and beyond for each clients specific needs/wants. To put it simply, "They are just plain LAZY!"

Now in 2021, I am the Senior Developer and Graphic Designer. I love my clients, and VMS Data. I have built many strong relationships with fantastic people from all throughout the U.S.. I take my clients needs seriously, and I just so happen to have the creative eye to help make their businesses profitable. I always look forward to projects that are new and different.


Web Developer & Graphic Designer


Lead in the development of my clients online marketing campaigns.

08/14/2013 - Present

Web Developer

Keystone Marketing

Lead in the development of wordpress websites.

06/21/2011 - 08/10/2013


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Responsive Design, Create Custom Code
  • Cross Browser Testing & Debugging
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Walkthrough With Clients for Final Check