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Google Local Business Listing

Google local business listings are the way to go to target your local business clientele. By taking advantage of claiming and verifying your Google+ business listing, this will allow you to be shown at the top of the local business search results within Google Maps and not waste your time showing your business in areas that you are not servicing. It’s Google’s way of keeping the local search results concise and determining who is in business and ready to serve their local market and who may possibly not be a functioning entity anymore.

Local Listing Management

Keep in mind that we are dealing with a computer and doesn’t have the capability to determine whether or not a company is actually still functioning. The way that this is made evident is when the Google+ business listing is claimed and verified. What I mean by this, is that by default Google will make your company a “Skeleton” business listing, when you either file for your business license and/or register for a domain name/website. There’s a number of things that they can find to make your company a business listing on Google Maps (due to the fact that it is public information) and you would want people to be able to find your business anyway for the services you offer, right?

That’s where VMS Data would come in! And let us say, we’re pleased that you’ve decided to possibly consider us as one of your choices to claim, verify, as well as construct the Google+ business listing, complete with relevant information, services, pictures and links to other facets of your business. e.g. (Facebook, Angies List, BBB...) There’s a lot that goes into this process and we’re more than happy to be able to take on the job for you!

VMS Data Does All The Work

As we understand that being a business owner, you are usually doing something to better your company along with taking care of your customers. This is something we love about small to medium size business owners and we want to show that to potential new customers in your area. So, we would do a spectacular job at handling all the mess for you. Claiming, verifying, constructing and managing the Google+ business listing. While giving you full access, complete with a comprehensive tutorial walk through at the end, so you as a business owner are armed with the information needed to take your business to the next level (as well as deal with other solicitors that you will come into contact with during your day-to-day). This is standard with every Google+ business listing that we do and we have gotten a tremendous amount of feedback with our process, because you actually see your listing with your own eyes and make the finite changes that will specifically pertain to your business. So then you know that it wasn’t some arbitrary thing that you had paid for. Again, business ethics are a huge part of what VMS Data is all about!

Get Found On Google

Once your business is 100% complete, Google starts to build relevancy, so you are then easily filed and can be indexed whenever a potential customer is searching for the products or services you offer. Think of it as the Dewey Decimal system that they implement in the library. Google wants to be able to find you easily and display your information in a matter of seconds and the way they are able to effectively do that is by having all your information congruent. The way that they are able to do this is by having your Google+ business listing claimed, verified and constructed with all the pertinent information about your company and then continued to be managed and maintained, so that they always know that your information is correct and current. This gives you a huge leg up when it comes to cornering your local market and we here at VMS Data are fully licensed and trained to get the job done right to show you that we are not some fly-by-night company that is just looking to earn a dollar. We are looking to help companies grow as we continue to grow with our tried and true process of not treating your company like another product on the assembly line in a factory. We take the time to do it thoroughly, correctly, complete with the utmost amount of business ethics and will hope that you choose us as your premier company to do your Google+ local listing management.


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