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Listing Management

By and large, there are three traditional methods available to achieve first page placement on Google's search engine or indexing platform. Firstly, in the year 2000, nearly two years after Google's initial inception (circa 1998) and meteoric rise to search engine dominance, their internal machinations yielded an advertisement platform on the search engine in which paying customers are able to purchase temporary placement on Google's 1st page for certain key terms, phrases, words, or preferred search queries. Secondly, while the concept of a centralized mapping system that is designated for local businesses and/or service providers was broached in 2008, its release for open utilization was not made public until the latter part of 2012. Lastly (and actually originally) is the organic section of Google's search engine, or where the indexing of websites is held, structured, and later made available to online users based on relevancy, accuracy, and efficiency.
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Extended Listing Coverage Aimed At Increasing Online Visibility
When it pertains to maximizing the benefit of using a map listing through the world's largest, most-consistently used search engine (Google), it's only natural that those who emphasize information that is both relevant & accurate as well as helpful and insightful throughout their listing often experience a tremendous boost to their online presence and prosperity as a whole. In light of this, we've made building, managing, and maintaining Google Listings one of our company's most impactful and beneficial services offered towards online marketing and web presence effectiveness.


Here's How We Can Help

Google Listing Claiming & Acquisition

We ensure the client, or listed business, is the sole owner of their Google Listing as a means to empowering our customers to take the reins of their online marketing and assume firsthand control of their web presence.

Google Listing Builds & Design

Professional attention in the form of enriching content, quality photos, and an overview of what a company genuinely represents on a Google Listing can go a long way towards consildating and eventually conquering an online market or web-based industry.

Google Listing Maintenance & Management

Google's penchant for improvement and adherence to efficiency often entails updates and restructuring to their products & platform(s); which is why it's always recommended to stay well-aware and approved regarding the management and maintenance of a company's Google Listing.

Depending on the location a Google Listing is providing coverage for as well as the chosen industry of service, it may be time to consider commissioning professional management and routine maintenence to safeguard against a decrease in rankings and/or visibility. Furthermore, the frequency in which updates to both functionality and features that are centered around Google's Map Listings occur can often prove too painstaking to remain apprised of for many business owners. Having said that, we are more than confident in our experience, efficacy, and overall expertise when it concerns Google's Business Listings and all of the inherent challenges that surround their sustained upkeep.