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Website Customization

Website Customization
Is Often The Avenue of Online Success

As with any other industry, market, field, or area, the goal of “household recognition” or popularity is something greatly coveted by business owners of all walks of life in nearly every trade abounding nowadays. From the one-man-show type business aiming to expand, or the multi-billion dollar conglomerates that are seeking to unify their efforts by adhering to the modern day avenues of marketing success, a company’s website becomes not just merely an “addition” to general business endeavors but an essential asset to the enterprise as a whole.




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True Website Customization
For a business, company, or entity to properly establish a presence online, it's essential to first direct resources, efforts, and emphasis on investing in a [custom] website. Doing so not only creates a footprint in the digital landscape for interested parties to follow but it also serves as the bedrock for the entirety of one's online presence. It is worth remembering, however, that not all websites are created equal; especially in terms of performance, adaptability, & general benefit.

Custom Websites Should Be Interactive

Now that benefits and amenities that a custom, hard-coded website offers as far as ranking, page placement, and visibility have been implemented, the user-interaction that the website can support is the next cruciality that needs to be addressed. Considering the current level of saturation online with websites galore, it’s important for a custom website to be engaging, user-friendly, and interactive. This encourages a custom website’s visitor(s) to remain on the website for longer periods of time, explore different pages/sections, and eventually take the next step towards fulfilling the original purpose of visiting the website in the first place.

Our Custom Websites Are Google Compliant

Being the powerhouse directory for online searching as well as indexing, tracking, and ranking content, websites, information, services, Google is based off of relevancy, ethical standards, & general popularity: citations, content, blogging, posting, advertisements, chain email, directory saturation, and/or media mirroring.

Mobile Compatibility Is Essential For A Custom Website

All publicly/commercially searchable websites are listed on Google and are visible on all platforms & devices: personal computers (PC), mobile/cell phones, tablets, laptops, mac books, consoles, & browsable tech. We ensure mobile formatting for all websites on all platforms & devices and we utilize Google’s Console to verify user functionality.

Each Page Is Rankable With Our Custom Websites

We ensure each and every page of our custom websites are not only compatible with mobile devices and adhere to Google’s website policies but they are integrated with data mark-up, enriching content, & are optimized for search engine favorability. In order to maximize a website’s true potential for visibility, navigation, user-interaction, and rankability, each web page composing the website needs individualized, meticulous attention. This involves comprehensive structuring of the website’s pages to ensure that they are compliant with search engine parameters, compatible on major browsing devices (laptop, P.C., cellular phone, tablet, etc.) and have proper directives and framework in place to expedite any indexing protocols that the website will be frequently subjected to.

With Any Custom Website, Content Is KING

When it comes to ranking, ordering, and indexing a website, the criteria that establishes placement is intricately complex however, we have perfected the method to building successful websites that rank well by balancing our hardcoded, original themed websites with relevant content that is informative, engrossing, and very, very rich in keyword density without oversaturation or “keyword stuffed”. A custom website’s content, by and large, is often the most integral aspect of how a website is ranked versus its competition in the online marketplace because helpful & insightful content is ideally the main source of a website’s information. Whether it’s describing a specific service, preferred product, or illustrating an idea; placing tremendous emphasis on the content that bolsters a website is inarguably critical. As such, our content is 100% original, specifically structured to cater to each client/industry, and embodies the true vision of our clients’ goals.

Rapid Page Speed Is A Hallmark Of Our Custom Websites

If content is king, then prompt and rapid load times for your website are next in line for the throne. The amount of search inquiries and website visitations that are cut short due to poor load times on a website is astronomical. Coming in at a whopping three seconds, the global average of time consumers that typically leave a website or webpage to seek out a more convenient competitor is something that plays an instrumental role in a thriving online visibility campaign for any company specializing in any industry. It took you longer to read that little factoid and verify it’s grammatical veracity than it takes even the most rudimentary website to successfully load a webpage before the average user navigates elsewhere.

Our Custom Websites Enjoy Marked Flexibility Due To Hard-coding

Harkening back to our custom websites and how we approach the construction process is truly innovative and the results speak for themselves: by hard coding the websites, the creative freedom we enjoy cannot be overstated. The options we have available at our disposal are quite literally limitless; the only parameters that would restrict the creation of website features, design, and layout would be those in place set by our own imagination. It largely goes uncontested when it’s claimed that a hard-coded, custom website is inherently more malleable than a template-based website or a website created from a website builder (i.e. WordPress, Squarespace, WiX, or Weebly). As such, our customized, hard-coded websites are adaptable, changeable, customizable, and extremely versatile in application as well as performance.

Hard-coded or Hand-coded Websites
Template Websites or Website Builders

Depending on the industry you are in or what you’re seeking to accomplish with your website, it will directly influence how your website functions and how it is constructed. Not to mention as well as how efficient, convenient, & informative the website is between the user (customer/client) and the “front-end” of the website (page, links, photos, etc).

One of the particulars to consider when deciding whether or not a hardcoded website is preferable over a CMS or template based website design is the amount of interactive features & custom integration that your website can support. For example, if one of our clients is in the process of [re]branding their company through our strategic marketing solutions, they often need a website that can accurately reflect their company vision while also offering consumer-appeal for their clientele and maintain compliance with all pertinent indexing platforms. What that translates into is this: to rise into an enviable position of first page placement, your website must first appeal to the “bots” or “scrubbers” that are responsible for monitoring, notating, and indexing online information (before it captivates your live/target audience). One main component for ranking a certain service, business, or product over it’s leading competitor largely boiled down to this: popularity steeped in originality. A template-based, or cookie cutter website, while aesthetically may be phenomenal and support all of the bells and whistles, but unfortunately it won’t supercede a less flashy website because of it’s run-of-the-mill coding that frames the template that’s been crawled and indexed millions of times.


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