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Graphics & Web Design

Graphic Design

Expression through art, design, and graphical display is as timeless as those who appreciate its existence. To put it simply, in our rich history as a common people, we've had steadfast ties to art & graphics as a means to share stories, pass on lore, record moments in history as a populace, or even advertise a certain service, product, or idea. In the present-day digital age, we've not only maintained that same exuberence for graphical glorification & artful assertion but we've actually grown to evolve its publication in many wondrous ways as well. First and foremost would be the advent of the internet and the consequential conveniences it still presents to this very day: unprecedented accomplishments in the digital field, unlimited applications to express art or visually articulate a concept, and a fount of untapped potential that can be used to advance basically any company, concept, surplus, or service.
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Graphic Design & Creation
From the design phase of a company's logo to the creation of an entire digital branding campaign, our graphics team places customer preference and participation as paramount.

Digital Images & Graphics

In the era of information, high-quality photos & ultra-resolution images are a staple towards denoting appeal as much as authenticity in the hopes of company/product branding and industry-wide recognition in a preferred market. To that effect, we provide a wealth of digital imaging and graphics coverage as service options, such as image conversion & compression, resolution enhancement, and digital rendering; all of which are readily available through our in-house graphic designers & digital creators. Furthermore, we include all major image types & formatting as areas of our digital image & graphics expertise; including ➊ Raster format/formatting & ➋ Vector format/formatting.

➊ Raster Formats .JPG, .JPEG, .GIF, .PNG, .TIFF, .BMP
➋ Vector Formats .SVG, .CGM

Digital Video & Graphics

Regardless if a video is designed as promotional material to boost the sales of a preferred product or if it's an informational video in place to provide knowledge & wisdom surrounding a specific concept, it's always necessary to ensure the video is of the highest quality in terms of audio & digital perceptibility. In light of this, we've adapted our graphic-related services to not focus solely on pictures, photos, and imagery but to also encompass video graphics and movie/media in our areas of graphics coverage as well. Moreover, we also are well-versed in marketing and media-based services through Youtube and Vimeo; of which includes video & channel creation, integration, ➌ video formatting, and management services.

➌ Video Formats.MP4, .MOV, .WMV, .FLV, .AVI, .AVCHD, .WebM, .MKV

As a part of our company-wide efforts to provide extensive, well-rounded coverage regarding web presence and online development, we are proud to include an array of graphics services and digital options; such as image graphics, video graphics, and audio graphics. Of which can entail anything from image compression to enable expedited rendering and load speeds via online viewership, media conversion for promoting multi-platform exposure, and compatibilty.

Image Compatibility

As is the case with many technologies centered around digital media and graphics, there is a veritable treasure trove of choices when it concerns images, pictures, or photos and the digital file types in which they are created. However, with there being an ample supply of options that are central to digital images, graphics, virtual photos, it also creates an innate challenge to ensure those pictures, photos, or images are compatible with the ever-evolving ways that those selfsame images are actually able to be rendered. That is often where our graphics design team come into play: we are able to digitally compress, convert, and consolidate any major/reputable image file types and effectively secure their rendering compatibility with all leading platforms & devices.

Image Compression

Reducing an image's size that is visible on a website can be necessary to limit load times for the viewer and increase the likelihood of them remaining on that particular website/webpage instead of seeking out similar images elsewhere. Without sacrificing quality and definition, we are able to successfully compress images, photos, pictures, and icons on behalf of our customers. Doing so allows the images to comply with both website ranking standards (as determined by online search engines/directories) and statistical consumer/user preferences that show the average website visitor will seek an alternate website if the current one they are browsing experiences delayed rendering times in media or imagery.

Image Conversion

As the saying goes: "There's more than one path through the forest", it can be readily applied to the many [file] types of photos, images, and photos that are commonplace to most websites or online webpages. What that also means is that while there is merit in diversity when it pertains to image types, there are some drawbacks to some and benefits to others. To illustrate this, certain image file types cater to quality and detail over rendering speeds/load times, universal application, and cacheability. Furthermore, it's always ideal to have duplicates (or digital backups) of images in terms of both quantity as well as image file types. As such, it just so happens that our comapny, VMS Data, offers image conversion services that address all major image file types, across all platforms, and on any device.

Why Graphic Design Is Important To ANY Business

Gone are the days of cave paintings to protect a cherished story for future generations or primitive forms of trademarking that were used in the hopes of branding; such as ear-notching, clipping, or quite literally cattle-branding. Assuming those instrumental roles in our society are now progressive options such as digitally-rendered, high-definition video of a child's first steps (and any other subsequent milestones thereafter) or possibly an array of decals and displays that boldly & brazenly showcase a company's logo, 'branded image', or emblazoned symbol.