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Our Custom Website Design Process


Adopting an approach of innovation & ingenuity coupled with a true appreciation of the fundamentals of efficiency has allowed our website design teams to raise the bar of website customization to unprecedented heights.



Website Design Consultation

Complimentary Quote & Itemized Estimate

As a complimentary amenity, we offer for our current and future clientele, our in-depth and comprehensive consultation is something that we encourage everyone to take advantage of. Included in your web consultation is an overview of who we are and what we are able to accomplish for your company should you choose to enlist our talents, as well as an extensive analysis of you or your company’s overall “web presence” in its current state. This provides you, the client, with invaluable insights as to where you’re standing currently is regarding your overall online presence.

Website Design Questionnaire

Company History & Client Preferences

To put the proverbial best foot forward, we ask that each of our clients review and complete our online questionnaire to the best of their ability or inclination. The reason being is that this provides our engineers, coders, graphic designers, and content specialists with vital information that is used in our custom website design process. Ranging from a client’s color theme preferences and visual additions to industry specifics and target audiences; these all play a pivotal role in expediting the design of your customized website.

Website Design Baseline

Features | Framework | Function

Taking into account that no two clients are the same, we cut no corners in personalizing a website to reflect each client’s individuality. Once we have received and processed the questionnaire for the custom website we are designing, we are able to map a general layout and theme to cater to the client’s specifications. To have the most impact, this often involves the inclusion of digital media (photos, graphics, videos, & audio) as well as general functionality of the custom website.





Temporary Website Hosting

Real-Time: Visibility, Changes, Revisions, Upgrades

During the design phase, our engineers host the website we are designing on a temporary domain for a variety of reasons that are aimed at the eventual goal of the website’s favorable completion. With the main one being the added convenience for our clients to provide feedback and/or insights as the website is being constructed; as opposed to affecting crucial changes post-production. Additionally, while hosting the custom website on a temporary domain, we are able to fine-tune the performance and serviceability of the site. Ensuring all extensions are formatted properly, plugins are populating correctly, and all interactive features are entirely functional is imperative to a website’s success. On that same note, by hosting the website on a temporary domain as well as exercising due-diligence, we are able to guarantee that very same success.

(It is important to note that while the website is being hosted on a temporary domain for review and diagnostics, it has limited viewability and will not be indexed, ranked, or crawled by Google or any other indexing platform. Furthermore, the temporary domain will not be readily accessible by the public for practical and security purposes. We do this as a means of preserving the integrity of your customized website - when a website that our experts at VMS Data designed is live and active, it is the sole intellectual property of the client and needs to be safeguarded as such. From the coding that frames the websites to the pictures and content that round things out and complete the website - it all belongs to the client from the moment of purchase - so we take the necessary steps to avoid any preventable mishaps. This also makes sure we are able to accurately monitor and protect websites to a greater degree when the website is live and being indexed by Google and other search engines.)





Custom Website Coding

HTML5 | php | Bootstrap | AMP

Professional, versatile coding techniques and methods to ensure the website is inherently unique, partial to the client, and malleable to accommodate future upgrades. By taking the time to hard-code our websites, we are not only very familiar with how the website will function, we actually dictate how they actually function altogether. Granted, this is a more time-consuming and laborious process than creating a website with a pre-determined theme or run-of-the-mill template however the juice is worth the squeeze in this instance. The end result is a website that is catered and designed solely with a specific customer in mind. Gone are the days of websites riddled with mundane redundancy, uninspired design themes, and drab representation. In are the days of websites boasting distinguished designs, visionary viability, and compelling content! Our website design teams are well-versed in HTML5, php, Bootstrap, AMP, as well as conversion from alternate/obsolete coding languages; including HTML4 & below.

Custom Website Content

Original | Enriching | Relevant | Readable

Once the framework coding of the website has been designed, harmonizing your exclusive and original content with the custom coded structure is the next crucial step towards realizing your dream website into existence. All content displayed on the website is 100% authentic, original, hand-typed and catered to suit each client specifically. We take the time to research not only your company and industry, but we also take the time to do our homework on the leading competitors in whatever market or industry we are designing a website to ultimately usurp. Combining keywords, phrasing, and areas of emphasis with titillating verbiage and refreshing eloquence is one of the many infallible methods we implement in the design of your website to enhance your online presence. Moreover, we structure the content of our custom websites to be both user-friendly & bot/crawler-friendly to ensure maximal coverage and an inevitably favorable ranking/page placement.

Website Design Aesthetics

Media | Photos | Video | Graphics

The aesthetics or the “sensory stimulation” portion of your website is largely what is responsible for not necessarily garnering online traffic to your website however it does play a pivotal role in keeping the internet traffic on the website once it has arrived. Encompassing stationary images, animations, GIF images, audio sound bytes, rotating images, video clips, and all forms of media, these aesthetics are the other side of the coin for a website’s “bells & whistles”, the other being the custom features the website supports that were previously chosen during the website design process. Vibrant color schemes coupled with crisp, pristine photos add a sense of prestige and sophistication that are proven to resonate with a wide array of online users. Considering aesthetics & appeal are often a very subjective endeavor (especially when a specialty product, service, or concept is prevelant), we work in tandem with our clients to finalize a custom website design that is valued all around.





Custom Website Features

Plugins | Add-Ons | Extensions | Applications | Buttons | Widgets | API's

Depending on the industry you’re in or what exactly it is that you want your website to accomplish will largely determine what features your website could, but better yet, should support. When it comes to adding those bells and whistles there is a drawback if not used properly. For instance, a customer who specializes in a personalized service, such as a local carpenter, would have little use for an international “e-commerce” inspired website because:

  • The company’s target audience or market is within a designated service radius, so allocating resources towards accommodating potential clientele outside of that service area is imprudent.

  • With something as dynamic as an international shopping and shipping feature (or the equivalent) on your website, the additional code to support such a feature tacks on a surplus “crawl-time” when the website is initially indexed and in turn, later ranked accordingly.

  • The additional burdens of cost, resource consumption, and time-allotment required to implement needless add-ons or low-yield features, from coding to aesthetics, on a custom website do not justify the limited gain from doing so.


Our Websites Work Smarter, Not Harder!

Sustainable Maintenance | Efficient Designs | Longevity-Orientation

One of the added perks of having our clients assume such an active role in their website’s design is that we are able to narrow down, consolidate, and optimize the website to perform swimmingly in its intended role/capacity. All the while avoiding costly additions, plugins, extensions, add-ons, widgets, buttons, or ‘actionable’ features that tend to yoke the website unnecessarily; thus achieving optimal website performance and later maintaining its extended proficiency.


Our Hardworking Team

With a web development team that is bound as tightly by professional ties as much as familial ones, it's our company-wide goal to not only expand our business through customer acquisition but actually grow our family as well.
Andrew Gilby

Andrew Gilby

Owner of VMS Data
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John Hall

Owner of VMS Data
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David Gain

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Trinity Venzor

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