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Reviews 101

Appreciation FOR Your Customers = Appreciation FROM Your Customers

In order for a company and their subsequent services/products to be truly appreciated by their respective patrons/consumers, the company must first and foremost, appreciate those selfsame customers.




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Valuing Customer Feedback Creates Loyalty
By many estimations, a company’s success is not measured solely in dollar signs, the square footage of their operations, or how often the company is able to expand into newer, broader markets. Instead, most companies and the success they enjoy is heavily reliant upon the contentment of their customer base and the standard in satisfaction surrounding their services and/or products.

Customer Reviews Do Indeed Matter

For instance, many companies’ main focus is to offer a selective service or preferred product to their target customer base quickly, concisely, and without preamble; thus fulfilling the traditionally time-honored custom of supply-and-demand.

Conversely, oftentimes these same successful companies are benefited (and quite substantially so) when they endeavor to cultivate communicative relationships with current/potential clients. Also, choosing to actively promote customer-feedback that is equally honest in authenticity and valuable in veracity shows that service ethics and evolving as a company certainly resonate throughout their respective business model.

(This is especially so in the context of the service-based industries, or those that are inherently involved with providing a specific service or a particular product.)

Garnering Reviews Is A Win/Win

Whether it’s inciting an evaluation of services rendered and/or products provided via an online review or if the reflections of a customer are garnered and later spread by word of mouth, the importance of open-ended communication between both parties on each side of the “service coin” remains absolutely paramount.

Types Of Reviews To Acquire

  • Online Reviews

  • Directory Reviews

  • Market Reviews

  • Industry Reviews

  • Social Media Reviews

  • Professional Reviews



Leave Us A Review!

With that in mind, our company is firm in our commitment to provide products, services, and solutions that are not only worthy of recognition regarding their quality but for consistency regarding the contentment of our clientele as well. We staunchly support & effectively encourage our customers, clients, or patrons to provide any & all feedback regarding our company’s many services, products, and contractible capacities around their convenience and at their discretion.

The Reason Why

Online Reviews Are So Impactful

Having a clear, unadulterated account of a particular product, selective service, or concept can prove to be absolutely invaluable to the average user, consumer, or pundit.


Reviews From Online Customers
With having an online presence that is well-established and accurately interpreted being one of the most instrumental aspects of marketing & maintaining a business nowadays, it’s extremely important to devote effort and delegate resources towards enabling client-to-customer relations, correspondence, and communication whenever applicable. A company’s influence, reception, recognition, and eventual success as an authority in their respective trade (or industry) is largely contingent upon the integrity of their reputation; their online presence or local eminence notwithstanding. This is why a vast majority of successful entities, companies, or corporations place such a significant emphasis on how their company is perceived, represented, and ultimately embraced by their prospective clientele.

Placing Emphasis on Customer Feedback Is Essential

Obtaining client reviews, promoting patron parlance, inviting open discourse, correcting against constructive criticism, sharing industry insights, and advocating for customer feedback are all effective examples of structuring a service-standard based on consumer consensus. Furthermore, as a company grows in size, complexity, and their online presence begins to assert itself against local/industry competition, cultivating the endorsement and support of a given customer base will simultaneously grow the company’s professional reputation, authenticity, and overall online presence as well.



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Learning About

Customer Patronage Is As Old As Consumer Purchasing

Marketing a company through customer referrals and based on the experience of past patrons, regardless of its specified industry or area of focus, is an incredibly remarkable tactic towards garnering future customers and effectively setting said company apart from their industry competition & counterparts. There are four main outlets or examples of customer feedback that are typical to most any industry; and especially so with those industries/markets which are markedly influenced by the evaluations and determination of active clients or previous customers. Most customer reviews, referrals, or written endorsements are obtained online or through one of the many digital avenues that are available for consumers to interact with their preferred businesses. These online mediums/platform are where a business is accessible for customer feedback and visible for comparative consideration against competition is largely consisted of directories, industry-related resource hubs, and social media platforms. Another more traditional means of encouraging reviews of a particular business or industry is by word-of-mouth reputation, written referrals, and time-honored testimonials.

Helpful Reviews

These Types of Reviews Are Extremely Helpful To A Business



Directory Reviews

Google | Yahoo | Yelp | White Pages | Yellow Pages | Map Quest

Not all directories are created equal and there is a hierarchy of sorts when it comes to which directory is favored in terms of validity, accuracy, and even general, widespread recognition. For instance, customer reviews that are obtained on Google’s ‘My Business’ platform tend to have a bit more prestige or deference than those listed on less-popular/dated directories, such as the White or Yellow Pages. That is not to say that client feedback or customer reviews that are published on aberrant or atypical directories, such as the aforementioned Yellow/White Pages, do not have value, gravity, or substance. Quite the contrary, in fact, because when an authentic, tangible real-life customer takes the time and exercises the effort to leave an honest, sincere review, it resonates with future customers and fellow patrons alike. Furthermore, many such directories have authenticity protocols in place to deter falsified reviews and uphold legitimate reviews and honest claims as predominant accounts of the company’s overall public reputation. Ensuring all reviews are representative of the actual experience, account, or recollection of a company is important and they are actually ranking factors in many instances.

Market & Industry Reviews

Angie's List | Houzz | Home Advisor | LinkedIn | Thumbtack | BBB | Porch

Enjoying customer reviews and client feedback on select platforms that are specific to a particular industry or cater to a distinctive market are exceedingly helpful and can be impactful in a variety of ways. Chief among them being the propensity of industry-specific reviews/referrals to lend a bit more credence or credibility to a particular business than those that are housed on an generalized platform. This is often because of the type of user, consumer, or customer that would take the time to visit these platforms or online resources to either leave a review of a company that they have firsthand experience with and are endeavoring to share that experience or to verify the efficacy of a company through the reviews & consensus of existing clientele. It’s been shown that companies, corporations, and competitive counterparts alike that place emphasis on eliciting customer reviews & consumer feedback tend to enjoy marked improvements in many facets of their long-term success; choice among those being a burgeoning clientele, increased revenue, and market-consolidation regarding online presence & authority.



Social Media Reviews

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Reddit | Pinterest | Rumble | Minds

Proportionally, per capita, or pound-for-pound; social media and the various platforms that compose the industry surrounding them, tend to be the ‘powerhouses’ of the review world in terms of saturation, viewership, and ease-of-acquisition. Whether it’s a review of a company on the marketplace on Facebook or if it’s a popular project being pinned to a board on Pinterest that drums up the review of a contributing company, social media reviews and the multitude of outlets therein can prove to be an invaluable resource for companies/businesses seeking to inspire interest or cultivate new clientele. What’s also worth mentioning is the fact that social media platforms and the communication between users (be they a simple user or an active seeker of a particular service/product) is quite rapidly becoming much more than merely a collective message board used for frivolous banter and the occasional insightful discussion. These social media platforms are typically the go-to authorities for many consumers in terms of news, current affairs, worldwide events, global politics, and modern social discourse.

Professional Reviews

References | Testimonials | Endorsements | Sponsorhips | Affiliations | Partnerships

While reviews that are listed on social media platforms, online directories, or industry-specific digital forums are much more prevalent and popular than any other time in our society’s history, it is still worth appreciating the importance & significance of traditional feedback gathered by a more conventional means. Such as those garnered via classical mediums, including a note of reference, a written testimonial, or even notarized endorsements. A customer’s experience, a consumer’s preferences, or a client’s predilection for providing feedback regarding their disposition towards a particular product, company, or service should not be limited, curtailed, or undervalued by the company or organization as a whole. Utilizing the feedback or reviews that a consumer provides to their preferred business or chosen company is beneficial in all capacities, regardless if it’s an old-fashioned hand-written account of an experience or one eloquently displayed, resplendent with photos and feedback on an online platform.