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Website Auditing & Diagnostics

Why An Audit To Your Website Is Vital To Your Online Presence

With an online presence that is both robust and enriching to users, consumers, and even competitors alike in their chosen industries, a company is often able to turn their investments towards an online marketing strategy and/or presence into actual profits that grow the business as a whole. The key to a company achieving those goals of a formidable web presence & profitable online recognition is typically best realized through optimizing their current standing (online presence-wise) in a preferred industry before foraying into new or foreign markets. (If not establishing a fresh, brand-new online presence altogether.) Regarding what can prove to be fruitful towards ensuring an online campaign is successful versus one that fails to produce desirable results, it’s been shown time and time again that adhering to standards in accuracy, consistency, and validity can effectively determine success whilst undoubtedly bettering the likelihood of actually manifesting it.



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Professional Online Representation

How the company is represented on the world wide web under those standards (accuracy, consistency, & validity) can often quite literally be the fail-safes needed to protect against derailing a successful online marketing venture. In the hopes of garnering new clientele, improving sales, or experiencing the simple satisfaction of plying a respective trade, it’s critical for any establishment, company, or business to approach the optimization of their web presence with clear expectations of desired results and an emphasis on proficient online marketing strategies. Once these goals aimed at legitimizing a company’s online presence are decided upon by all relevant parties, it expedites the task of correcting outdated information and expanding into select markets all the more attainable; especially in the short-term.

  • Citation Generation

  • Citation Management

  • Citation Quality Assurance

  • Multi-Platform Auditing

  • Multi-Platform Updating

  • Multi-Platform Quality Assurance


Key Areas of Focus During Our Website Audits

  • Content Structuring Via Prioritization

  • Header, Title, & Tag Enrichment

  • Geo & Industry-Specific Content Generation

  • Keyword Density & Search Term Saturation

  • Supportive & Supplementary Content Creation

  • Backlinks & Affiliation Designation For Expansion

Content Creation & Proper Structuring For Your Website

The ‘crawlers’ or bots that major search engines utilize, whose task it is to scour the internet and index information based on relevance, value, and thoroughness, are largely the initial “searchers” that need to be catered to first & foremost. What resonates with those crawlers or digital indexers of online data and subsequently promotes favorable ranking/page placement against industry-competition is largely quality content and supportive information that is both useful & valid. Structuring content and later streamlining it for accuracy, merit, and efficiency will allow for easy consumption of the information. Which will, in turn, enable further growth by eventually expanding upon what has been established to ultimately dominate a given industry through information saturation and content creation.

Website Performance & Analytics

It's absolutely essential to have an active and updated understanding of one's website; from the load times of its page(s) performance to the comparison to would-be competitors in their relative markets. Furthermore, maintaining an up-to-date appreciation of your website through website our website auditing & diagnostics affords ample opportunities to explore additional promotion, website improvements, or ventures into new markets altogether.


Auditing For Website Performance & Analytics

As many companies, participants, and contributors in the internet-based industry will attest to, the inclusion of a website towards cultivating a solid online presence is absolutely integral in more ways than one. That is not to say that all websites are created equal, will perform as well as other competitive counterparts, or ultimately evince online marketing success for the respective business that the website is representative of. There are several fundamental aspects that surround a website’s functionality, consistent effectiveness, and its propensity for peak performance in direct competition with other, similar websites in the same industry. Of which can include mobile compliance, original content saturation, user-friendliness, load/rendering times, and sensible navigation.

How A Website Achieves Success

  • Cross-Platform Population

  • Code VERSUS Content Ratios

  • Applicable Mark-Up (Code & Content)

  • Load Times & Page Speed Rendering

  • Intuitive & Informative Navigation

  • SEO-Friendly & Compatible




Usability Across ALL Devices & Platforms

    ✔ Versatility

    ✔ Adaptability

    ✔ Malleability

Gone are the days where browsing online and navigating the world wide web is strictly achieved through using a P.C. (personal computer) or a 40lb laptop. Cell phones, next-generation video game consoles, tablets, and even wrist-watches are largely synonymous with convenient online browsing nowadays so it’s important to possess & utilize a particular website that is properly structured and expertly coded to ensure compatibility across many devices/platforms.

Code-Versus-Content Ratios

    ✔ Balance

    ✔ Relevancy

    ✔ Efficiency

As with anything that can be beneficial towards improving an online presence, striking a balance between the coding language being implemented to support the website and the actual content that is displayed or media that is being rendered. By requiring that a balance be struck between the content on the website and the code needed to showcase, it’s been shown to not only make the website more ‘digestible’ but achieving that balance also improves the website’s ‘rankability’ as well.



Applicable Mark-Up (Code & Content)

    ✔ Schema

    ✔ HTML

    ✔ XML

With there being no uniform policy regarding what platform, coding language, or even how a website is designed, it’s always ideal to ensure that both the coding that serves as the website’s framework and the content being presented is benefitted by structuring its performance through mark-up. While the multitude of avenues regarding data mark-up are ever-evolving in this present day in age and in no way set in stone, it can be accomplished through several mediums, including micro formatting, SCHEMA, HTML, XML, and harmonious title-tagging.

Load Times & Page Speed Rendering

    ✔ AMP

    ✔ Media Compression

    ✔ Minification

Instant gratification, unbridled convenience, and timely search inquiries are not merely arbitrary ranking factors regarding a website’s page placement on a search engine but they actually play a very significant role in enriching the experience of a website’s visitor and encourages prolonged visitation; if not inciting additional website traffic in the future. Whether it’s compressing images and reducing unnecessary rendering or if it requires adopting AMP web pages to promote rapid load times for a website, it’s prudent to value speed & efficiency as much as aesthetics and usability.



Intuitive & Informative Navigation

    ✔ Sitemap

    ✔ Header/Footer

    ✔ Navigable

For many websites and the users that take the time to explore them, it’s absolutely vital to have an orderly and organized web layout for the most rewarding experience possible. Obtaining a particular service, ordering a select product, or simply consuming information should not be a complicated endeavor because it discourages additional traffic and limits a website’s penchant for becoming authoritative in website ranking parameters. By streamlining navigation and structuring a website to be simultaneously informative as engaging, it drastically improves the likelihood of favorable rankings/page placement on many of the major search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Safari, & DuckDuckGo.

SEO-Friendly & Indexing-Compliant

    ✔ Enriching

    ✔ Robust

    ✔ Authentic

Even with a website that is robust with relevant content and a dazzling display of aesthetics in its design, it does not always mean that it will outrank or outperform other similar websites in the same industry or competitive market. While refined content that is both accurate and informative being coupled with an appealing allure to a website are determining factors regarding ranking and page placements of a website via search engines, there are several other key aspects that are imperative towards achieving online authority. For instance, a website that has compatibility with many SEO techniques & practices often outperforms and outranks websites that are larger, support more pages, or features a substantially more amount of content.